Climber Model

Motorized Cable Reels

Climber Model-Motorized Cable Reels

One layer winding reel body for vertical spreader application on container cranes with high hoisting speed.

Standard Specifications:

Maximum Travel Distance: 328 feet (100 meters)
Maximum Travel Speed: 787 feet/min (240 meters/min)
I.D. of reel body: 39.4″ (1000 mm)
O.D. of reel body: 55.1″ (1400 mm)
Widths: 29.5″, 33.5″, 41.3″ (750 mm, 850mm,. 1050 mm)
Gearbox Type K (1000 to 14000 Nm)
Slip Ring Assembly: 0 kV to 1 kV (milliamps to 630 A)
Temperature Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

Drive Unit Options:

Torque Motor
For harsh applications, a robust drive unit with high durability even under the toughest conditions


Standard Motor with Magnetic Clutch
Set up for standard applications, contactless clutch, free from wear, very solid construction


Variable Frequency Drive
For high-speed applications with long travel distances, we use motors   with frequency controlled drive units. Ideally adjusted to dynamic environments.

Gear Units:

Spur Gear Units
Compact gear unit, easy to install, for low to medium torque in four different sizes. Torque from 100 Nm up to 1.000 Nm in corrosion resistant aluminium housing. Drive unit and slip ring assembly parallel to hollow shaft, thereby allowing small dimensions.

Bevel Gear Units
Powerful, robust design for medium to high torque in 5 different sizes. Torque from 1000 Nm up to 14000 Nm. High dimensional stability of the steel cast iron housing for a long durability at highest mechanical and dynamic stress.

Rotary Joints:

Slip Ring Assemblies
Slip ring assemblies are available for the following voltage sizes: Up to 1 kV; Up to 10 kV; and Up to 24 kV.


Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
Fibre optic rotary joints enable failure-free transmission of a large amount of data. Up to 18 cores FO 9/125 µ, 50/125 µ or 62,5/125 µ as well as combinations of above mentioned cores. The attenuation values are below 1 dB due to the non-interrupted transfer.


Rotary Joint (Air or Fluid)
Single channel / multi-channel swivel for air up to 16 bar, water up to 30 bar and hydraulic oil up to 250 bar. For other media, contact the factory.